Will NDIS cover psychology sessions in my ndis plan?

My Lac told me that I need to get a mental health plan!
This is wrong information that poorly trained ndis staff have recently been telling ndis participants. It is putting the pwd at risk of crisis.
Mental health care plans are for the treatment of specific psychological issues. Medicare specifically excludes diagnoses not related to one of the ICD 10 codes. Depending on what diagnosis you accessed the NDIS under this is misinformation. 
The department of health has directed mental health care plans are for treating symptoms.
NDIS therapy funding is to treat mental health symptoms that are a part of the participant’s everyday life and that are a result of the participant’s disability. Having NDIS fund psychology so a PWD can work on building capacity is assessable in this case.
To break it down in how medicare would be seen to be the funding body : If you have depression it is seen as a treatable illness, this is when it would be appropriate to use a mental health plan to get you back on track.
The NDIS will fund psychology to help support the PWD with symptoms of their lifelong disability in which they accessed the scheme.
If you have had psychology treatment cut from your plan and would like support please get in touch, we specialise in reviews and mental health.

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