Unfortunately sometimes the first time we meet a parent of a child on the NDIS it is when they are in the second year of NDIS and find themselves with half the plan they had the year before.

It is soul-crushing for a parent when they may already have providers and therapies in place to be told, NO your child can no longer do that.
Parents who carry already a huge mental load caring for a special needs child.

So what can we do?

If your child has support coordination in the plan you can approach your support coordinator and ask them to put in an review this means someone who wasn’t involved in creating your plan will review the decision.
NDIS will consider if they made the right decision under the laws of the NDIS.
Did you know you can also request in writing from the NDIS WHY they made the decisions they did? (This can be really helpful as you can then get supporting evidence that will support what it is you’re asking for in the plan and work out where the gaps in evidence were)
Once you get your plan, you have 3 months to ask for plan reassessment.
If it has been longer than three months, you will need to get your information together you may want to go over this with your LAC or support coordinator. You will need to prove you now have new evidence, (reports) participant impact statement etc.
Contact your LAC and or Support Coordinator. Ask them to submit a change of circumstances.
If your child is of a high level of needs, it may also be beneficial to ask for level three support coordination and to ask your support coordinator to arrange an advocate to sit in the planning meeting with you to help advocate for your child. They can also produce a letter of recommendation on your family’s behalf and then provide you with more supporting documentation for the meeting.
We understand as a parent trying to advocate and learn all about NDIS can be really challenging. If you would like to speak to a support coordinator or seek advice about your child’s situation please feel free to contact us today.

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