In most cases, ndis guidelines will say that it is an everyday expense and that they will not cover the costs of moving.

But in what case is it a reasonable request when following the guidelines that NDIS have set?

Moving costs can be and have been paid for by ndis for clients who have a physical or phycological disability.
If your disability doesn’t allow you to be able to hire a truck as someone may choose to do without a disability.
If you are not able to pack up your own home due to disability.
You do have options as a PWD when moving house.
You could hire a support worker to help you pack and unpack your home Or you could hire a removalist company to pack, unpack and transport your items.
If you are moving home and are limited by your disability in being able to support yourself to do so, please reach out we are happy to connect you with services that may be able to help within Melbourne.

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