As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you may have come across the common concern of whether purchasing an iPad for your child using NDIS consumables funding is allowed. In this blog post, we’ll address this question and provide you with the necessary steps to confidently acquire an iPad or laptop for your child’s communication and engagement needs.

The Answer is YES

Rest assured, the answer is yes! If your child requires an iPad or laptop to communicate effectively or engage in Telehealth therapies, you can utilise the consumables funding within their NDIS plan to make the purchase.

Obtain a Supporting Letter from Your Therapist

To proceed with the iPad purchase, you’ll need a supporting letter from your therapist who conducts sessions with your child over Telehealth. This letter should explicitly state that your child requires an iPad or laptop to continue actively participating in therapy. Note that this letter does not need to be submitted to the NDIS; it serves as documentation for your records in case the purchase is ever questioned.

How to Purchase the iPad

Once you have the supporting letter, you can proceed with purchasing the iPad. If you are plan managed, it is advisable to obtain a proforma invoice from a reputable source like JB Hi-Fi, who now have a dedicated department for NDIS purchases. Submit this proforma invoice, along with the supporting letter, to your plan manager. They will handle the payment on your behalf, ensuring that you have a record of the transaction. The iPad will then be shipped to you, just like any regular online purchase.

Simplifying the Process

The process itself is straightforward once you are aware of the steps involved. It’s important to keep the purchase cost below $750, as this will cover a basic iPad suitable for Telehealth sessions for your child. Any additional items such as covers or accessories would be purchased separately by the parent.

Purchasing an iPad or laptop for your child using NDIS consumables funding is a viable option if it is essential for their communication or engagement in Telehealth therapies. By obtaining a supporting letter from your therapist and working with your plan manager, you can navigate the process smoothly and confidently. Remember to keep all relevant documentation for your records.

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