Self Management, What Can I spend my ndis funding on?

If you answer YES to each question, you can buy it.

Will the support help you to reach the goals in your NDIS plan?

The support you buy must be linked to the support budgets and goals in your current NDIS plan and related to your disability. 

Is the support reasonably priced and of good value?

The support should give you good value for money compared to other options. Remember you can choose to pay less and get more support or pay more for higher quality support that meets your needs. 

Can you afford the support within your support budget?

Your NDIS funding needs to last for the length of your plan. Work out your budget early so you know what you can afford. This will help you to track your funding and make decisions about any changes to your support during your plan. 

Will the support help you to connect with your community and improve the relationships you have with family and friends?

The support you buy should help you to participate in activities with friends and other members of your community, or help you find or keep a job. 

Is the support something that should be funded by the NDIS and not other government services?

In your NDIS plan, the funded support will not include support that is provided by other government services. For example, dental, health or hospital services, education, housing and public transport are all provided by other government services. 

Is the support safe?

The support you buy must be legal. It should not cause harm or put yourself or other people at risk. 


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