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Already burnt-out carers and parents do not always have guidance from LACs or funding for support coordination to help them prepare information required for NDIS planning meetings. This can result in underfunding for the child and underfunding or no funding at all for respite for the carers or parents. Preparing a carer’s impact statement can be a good way to share in your own words the daily challenges that you and or your family face. It is important to mention the impact the child’s disability has on their support system within the home.

This editable workbook will work through questions to help you create the whole holistic picture of what the impact is to YOU caring for your person with a disability.


You can not pour from an empty cup.

Unfortunately, as parents and carers, we seem to forget about all of the smaller tasks that get done on autopilot. It is really beneficial to take the time to fill out this workbook before your ndis review. Map out your day, the tasks and the hours you are spending caring for your person with a disability. In the workbook, we have broken down 24 hours into 2 hourly blocks with editable spaces for you to break down the tasks within your day as a carer. This will show NDIS the impact caring for a PWD has on you.

When you are advocating for a young person under the age of 18.
You really need to prove to the NDIS that your parenting role is exceeding parental responsibility.

Following the workbook, we will also cover what your day looks like and what your goals and aspirations look like as an individual.


Who we are.

We are a disability service provider that provides support in the southeast and northeast of Melbourne, where we meet clients in their homes and within the community. Our support coordination service is available Australia-wide. 

We specialise in Mental health support and neurodiversity. Inclusive Care Choices provide participants with consistent reliable support staff, You will get to know your team and feel confident that they will provide person-centred support, every single shift.

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“I couldn't be happier with the services provided. Flexible and highly trained to help support my mental health needs. I now leave the house on a regular basis and are planing bigger day trips, My life has changed"

– RK

“Everything was once overwhelming. I now I look forward to going new places knowing I have my support by my side"

– JP

“With my disability leaving me unable to drive obtaining supports for travel has opened up my world again."

– Ap

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